Polling Place

Pop-up Voting Booth

AIADO Hallway Gallery
An Exhibition of Recent AIADO Alumni

Architectural Design, Exhibit and Installation Design

“Election season 2020 is upon us. Polling Place investigates the spatial design and identity of the physical voting stations where we exercise our democracy. Somewhere between architecture, interior architecture, and a designed object, these make-shift kiosks populate our communities’ public spaces that serve as temporary polling places, such as school cafeterias and gymnasiums, and provide a provisional degree of privacy to individual citizens as they perform their civic duty. This exhibition asks a cohort of AIADO’s most recent alumni to speculate on new narratives and identities for these important civic apparatuses. At the exhibit’s opening reception in February, students, staff, and faculty within our school community will be invited to utilize the voting stations by casting a ballot for a referendum that poses an important question about our school’s future.“



My role as assistant exhibition designer included research, co-curation and conceptualization of  the exhibition. I prepared the exhibition space, design guidelines, and communicated with artists and designers. I also participated in the exhibition as a designer. Images of my process and final images of my contribution are highlighted below.