Spacecraft to the   Afterlife 

This work of speculative design sets out to create sacred objects for the Transhumanist Church of Perpetual Life. After reading sacred texts, watching sermons, and corresponding with church officiators, I realized that in order to be considered “sacred”, the objects and rituals must support the mission of the church, which is to “cultivate technology that will facilitate the transformation of life into an environment of perpetual duration” (immortality).

Objects used in rituals to facilitate immortality through science and technology. 

1. ”First you will be recorded, all your memories, personality traits, and skills as well as your physical characteristics and genetic inheritance”

2. “Second, this information will be entered into a vast computerized data base, so that future generations can draw upon your experiences and you can continue to be part of this world after your death.”

3.“ Third, your data will be transported by robot spacecraft or radio transmission to the solar system of a distant star, where a new colony is to be established.”

4. “Fourth, you will be reconstituted from the recording and begin a new life in a fresh, young body as a colonist of the new world.”